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Compassion | (noun) : a non-judgmental awareness towards distress

Who's up for a challenge?! When faced with a conflict, meet it with compassion. 

Here's how:

  1. breathe

  2. smile

  3. seek understanding

These three simple steps help to soften and release our attachments to our own understanding and create space for conflict resolution. Surely, it is easy to become upset, hurt, and perhaps even angry when we feel as though something has gone wrong and it is okay to have these emotions. These are natural human responses that allow us to navigate our beliefs and thoughts in order to determine how we will actively respond. What is unhealthy, is to hold on to these emotions which will in return create energetic blocks within our physical and mental bodies, ultimately hindering and/or impairing the way we actively respond. More importantly, how we react is what makes all the difference in how we are able to move forward in any given situation. 

Practicing compassion may be thought of as a form of ignoring the issue or merely giving up when, in fact, it is the exact opposite. Practicing compassion is a practice that enables us to be our best selves and requires a great amount of courage. Culturally, many of us are conditioned to create rigid boundaries as an attempt to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm while, in reality, we tend to do more harm than good in doing so. We become limited by our own perception thus limiting our ability to grow and when we stop growing, the inevitable occurs.   

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