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Har·vest | (verb) : a time of reaping what was once sowed

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Happy Fall Equinox! ‘Tis the season of abundance and harvesting. There was a major shift in energy as we entered into the sun sign of Libra, bringing balance into our lives. One thing to look forward to is karmic balance. I’m sure many of you are all familiar with the saying, “What you sow is what you shall reap.“ or something very similar along those lines. Fall equinox presents a great opportunity to harvest upon all of the seeds that have been planted this year.

These seeds may have been resolutions set forth at the beginning of the year, followed by actions to help those seeds sprout and grow. These seeds may also be through setting intentions and daily affirmations. Perhaps even adopting a new practice or a learning subject matter. Whatever it may be, it is time to rejoice in the harvesting of crops as each goal reaches optimal fruition. What a great feeling it is to experience all hard work paying off!

As you enjoy the fruit of your crop remember to be grateful and give thanks. Gratitude is equally as important as diligence. In fact, gratitude is a key component within the law of attraction. Gratitude is a mindful appreciation that vibrates an openness to receive out into our entire universe and is a very powerful tool to use in order to attract abundance.

In addition to harvesting, fall is also a time of preparation. It is during this time when many farmers harvest their crop and till their soil before it hardens during the winter months. Similarly, preparations are needed within our own lives in order to continuously restore the foundation upon which we build. This is done to ensure a continuous yield of greater harvest with each year to come. With that said, now is also a great time to start thinking about how we plan to ensure our continued success.

Some of us may experience seeds that did not yield bountiful crops. Sometimes this is out of our control, however more often than less this is a sign of where improvement is needed. Perhaps the soil was not tilled before planting a seed or in other words there was no planning behind setting goals. Maybe those seeds were not properly watered or did not receive enough sunlight. In translation, there was no diligence in the actions towards goals or (in some cases) no action at all. Whatever the case may be do not become discouraged or disappointed, but instead seek ways to discover what there is to learn in order to make improvements. Be patient with yourself as you adopt essential growth-promoting changes. In time, your crop will flourish.

Happy harvesting!

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