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Plea·sure | (noun) : a sense of gratification

During my journey in life I intend to enjoy more orgasms. While this is not how I intended on kicking of the year of opening up and sharing vulnerable topics of discussion, I cannot think of any better time than now. To openly share intimate moments is a milestone within my spiritual journey and through sharing, I hope to inspire readers to learn more about their authentic selves.

I recently stumbled across what is now one of my favorite podcasts, Ancient Wisdom Today with Shaman Durek. Shaman Durek had recorded an interview with a well-spoken goddess by the name of Ajna Surah. The episode is titled, “Heal Yourself, Heal the World” and while listening to that episode I began to understand a deeper connection between pleasure and manifesting. Ajna referred to orgasm as a way of manifesting through means of ‘rubbing the genie’. She stated, “There are literally universes inside of orgasms. Create your desire.” - Listen here.

Hearing this brought my attention to the energy blocks within myself that I had been avoiding for way too long. On Christmas Day, I had made up my mind that I did not want to carry any of what I was holding onto into the new year and so it was my desire to finally release those blocks. During my shower that afternoon, I released my desire into the universe as I rubbed my genie until my genie exploded into magical fireworks over the sound of Christmas melodies. Little did I know, this was the missing piece of the puzzle that would allow me to fully merge with my authentic self.

Pleasing myself in that moment made me realize how I spent most of the year trying to please others within my daily affairs. By neglecting myself I consistently invited suffering (the exact opposite of pleasure) into my life and this was weighing me down. Throughout the day, I could sense that something was happening internally as my blocks began to release, however I didn’t know exactly what was happening until the following day.

During the early morning after Christmas Day, I was awakened by an unusual but familiar pain. I went to use the toilet and discovered that I was menstruating, which I hadn’t experienced since December 27, 2017 (364 days ago). This was not alarming to me as I have always had irregular periods ever since my first cycle. Throughout the years of my life, I’ve had labs, tests, and ultrasounds completed to try to understand why I was not menstruating normally. No doctor has been able to find any underlying reason.

As a Reiki healer, I am a firm believer that untreated energy blocks eventually manifest into physical symptoms of disease within the body and while doctors have yet to diagnose why I haven’t been able to menstruate regularly, I have a clearer understanding of how healing at a deeper level needed to occur.

So as today marks the first of 365 days, aside from the 108 sun salutations I did this morning, I knew today as well as the year was off to be a great start when I experienced yet another encounter with my genie while listening to Dopamine Machine by CamelPhat & Ali Love. The best part of it all is that the beat hadn’t even dropped yet.

Happy New Year!

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