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Sur·ren·der | (verb) : the act of yielding to the power or control of another

I've been noticing more and more synchronization within my life as a result of simply letting go and sanctioning the universe to allow all things to fall into place.

Art designed by Ramsey Turkmani
"I release control and surrender to the flow of love that will heal me." - Alexa Sunshine Rose

About a month ago, I left my corporate career as a community health worker and immersed myself fully into self-employment status. At the time, it was an extremely difficult decision to make, as I relied heavily on the stability of all the benefits that came along with working for a corporation. The irony is that I did not feel stable. On the contrary, I felt physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. The bottom line : My career was compromising my well-being.

This was not always the case, however. Around this time, about a year ago, I still found immense joy within the work that I did, but {just as all things in life} that changed. My entire work environment shifted drastically when one of the greatest leaders that I have ever had the opportunity to work with left the company. The transition in leadership was a difficult one, however I remained optimistic that the overall work environment would improve over time. It did not. On the contrary, things had gradually gotten worse.

I had lost all confidence within this matter and, most heartbreaking of all, I lost confidence within myself. Somehow, I still managed to hold on to {what was then} a false sense of stability all the while there was nothing stable about the environment in which I was working. Something had to give. The ultimate concept behind finally making the decision to remove myself from a toxic working environment was to surrender and to allow the universe to guide me in serving my highest and greatest self as well as the highest and greatest good for all.

In my experience, making the ultimate decision to surrender has been a liberating transition. I have managed to attract even more abundance within the last month than I have since the beginning of 2018.

There is a negative stigma of powerlessness that surrounds the idea of surrendering. Many people in the world that we live in today would probably say that surrendering is a sign of weakness when, in fact, it is the ultimate test of strength and act of courage.

Fight or flight is a fear driven survival instinct that is embedded into our DNA so to fight adversity or to simply run away from it are the 'easiest' options available to us and require little to no conscious effort. These are not our only options, however. Surrendering, on the other hand, is driven by love. It is the conscious choice to neither fight nor run, but to become grounded in having faith and trust in the healing powers of the universe. Surrender.

"I release control and surrender to the flow of love that will heal me." - Alexa Sunshine Rose

Art designed by Ramsey Turkmani

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