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Truth | (noun) : a body of fact

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As this year comes to an end, I would like to share a few words before I begin the next chapter of my journey. This current year (2018) is a number 11 universal year, which is a master number that brings forth spiritual enlightenment. Furthermore, this year can also be considered a number two universal year as two is the sum of adding 1+1. Twos highlight balance, relationships and decision making. For me, this year has particularly been focused on coming into alignment with my authentic self which involved opening myself up to higher levels of spiritual enlightenment as well as creating balance and harmony amongst my spiritual being and my physical being. I had to make some very tough decisions this year and I think that the biggest barrier for me were relationships. In fact, the toughest challenge was my relationship with myself.

I have been practicing Reiki for several years now and as an empathic healer, I found it extremely difficult to put my needs above the needs of others. This became an ongoing cycle of people-pleasing and seeking validation in order to prove my worth. As a result of this, I began to shut down parts of me that I perceived undesirable due to the lack of acceptance and praise from others. Needless to say, this year has been a very challenging year, however it has opened my eyes to so many blocks in learning how to love myself and I am grateful for each and every experience that has led me to where I am at this moment in space and time.

I went to Japan back in September as a part of my spiritual journey to not only visit the birthplace of the Usui Healing Method within the art of Reiki healing, but to also ascend higher as a Reiki practitioner into Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki®. The entire experience was unforgettable. During my short time spent in Japan my authentic self was revealed to me, I ascended from my physical body into the higher heavens and even made contact with the angels there. This was all very amazing until after I received my third ignition and all of a sudden, my blocks were dug up and laid before me to sort through. I must have cried for an entire hour or more non-stop. I left Japan feeling grateful, yet empty. Something was unfulfilled.

When I returned home (from Japan) my whole life seemed to fall apart and instead of addressing my blocks, I did the best I could to pack them all away and shove them into a dark corner. One thing about receiving all of the Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master Ignitions however, is that whether I wanted to deal with my blocks or not, the Reiki energy flowing through me and around me would ensure that all necessary healing would take place in order for me to fully merge with my authentic self.

That merge began on Christmas Day (which I will go more into detail about within the near future) and was completed last night, 12/26/2018 some time around 7pm. This is exactly 3 months from my third Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master ignition (which is something that I just discovered as I am writing this). I immediately knew what was happening the moment I felt a sudden rush of this warm tingling sensation flow throughout my body. I could feel myself become enflamed in such a peaceful way as my entire body and the world around me became a huge flame of colorful fire. It is difficult for me to share the exact words of the message that I received during that moment and this is only because, as an authentic being, words do not exist. What I do know is that I had come into alignment with my authentic self and the rest is history.

Many people ask me about the name Truth. People have also made jokes about the name and have even shared their self-limiting remarks towards me introducing myself as Truth. Truth is a name that not only came to me within a dream, but was also given to me from another spiritual being during my early days of practicing Reiki. I began practicing Reiki as a part of self-healing from many traumas that I have experienced in life and this was a pivotal component to my spiritual journey (and still is today) which has led me to a deeper understanding of how I have been living a lie my entire life. Enervated through cultural conditioning, I had been living a life that I was told that I should live instead of living within my truth as a light being. Truth is a what brings balance and harmony to all aspects of my being as well as to my purpose here on Earth.

I think for many of us, this year has been a year of learning how to “self-care” more and compromise less and as simple as it sounds, it is not easy to do. In order to do so, I believe it is essential to first know who you are as an authentic being in order to understand just how much you are worthy of making sure that your overall well-being is the number one top priority and that my friend, my brother, my sister is why I am here. I am here to share my story in hopes to inspire you along your journey. Truth is what I have to share with the world and is who I am as my authentic self.

For you, I bare my soul…

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