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As a private one-on-one offering, this is a 6-hr course that covers the history of Reiki from the traditional method of hands-on healing as taught by Usui Sensei to the present-day practice of Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki Healing.


Usui Holy Fire® III is an enhanced form of Reiki healing, introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). This form of Reiki healing initiates students into a deeper level of healing that involves healing the ego by releasing dormant unhealed energy along the journey of connecting with the authentic self. This course breaks down barriers of cultural conditioning to promote a greater awareness of the ego and its contributions towards world peace. Quality of consciousness is increased, enabling an effortless pure expression of self within the material world. Within this course of wholesome healing students will learn the original Reiki ideals and healing techniques that have been passed down through the lineage of Usui Sensei along with identifying the twelve levels of consciousness and connecting with a higher sense of purpose. There is so much more to discover in this course and we look forward to seeing you soon! 


Duration: 6hrs | Private Certification for Usui Reiki Level I can be completed over the duration of


  • one day, lasting approximately six [6] hours 


  • two days, each lasting approximately three [3] hours 


All materials are included and will be provided during the initial meeting for this course.


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Usui Holy Fire®III Reiki Level I