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Truth is a multifaceted, trauma-informed healing guide who is passionate about fostering genuine human connections and cultivating sacred spaces to share ancient wisdom alongside modern healing practices. As an ICRT certified and registered Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, Intuitive Sound Healer, Bhakti Yogi, Hatha Yoga Instructor and Shamanic Practitioner, Truth integrates diverse modalities to support holistic well-being within the communities she serves.

In 2010, Truth obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Wayne State University. Born and raised in Detroit, Truth's adverse life inspired her passion for helping trauma survivors, serving as a volunteer for organizations that advocate for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Truth took a career path in Community Health Outreach providing education and resources for low-income families within marginalized communities.

Realizing the personal limits of liberation through external means, Truth yearned for something more absolute and connected deeply with Reiki, becoming initiated within the Usui lineage of Reiki healing in 2016. A year later, Transitions by Truth was founded, offering services that support deep healing, creative expression, and empowerment. In 2018, Truth visited the birthplace of Reiki where she continued her Reiki training with the ICRT amongst Reiki Masters from all around the world. It was here at Kurama Yama [Mount Kurama] in Kyoto, Japan where Truth was initiated as an Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master.

During 2019, Truth completed her 200hr Hatha YTT training with Samastah yoga in Ferndale, MI where she also discovered her love for Kirtan, a devotional practice of Bhakti. Within that same year, Truth was introduced to rapé, an Amazonian plant medicine, and experience such a profound connection that she yearned to deepen her relationship with indigenous plant allies. Since then, Truth has established deeper roots within the realms of intuitive sound healing, plant medicine and shamanic practices. 

With the guidance and blessing of the Kuntanawa Tribe leaders [2022], Truth administers rapé and sananga with integrity and reverence for the powerful plant medicines of the Amazon Rainforest. Truth's approach is nurturing and deeply rooted in respect for all living things.

With a deep understanding that healing is not a linear path, Truth offers guidance and support through the multi-dimensional transitions of the healing journey. It is Truths mission to help others release all forms of oppression in order to experience true liberation through awakening their inner truth, the authentic self.

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Upcoming Events

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Join us inside the yurt on Saturday, August 3rd for ceremonial rapé and sananga during the 10th annual Barefoot & Free Yoga Festival at Proud Lake. Space is limited so please plan to arrive early. If you have not purchased a festival pass yet, you may purchase one [here].


Use promo code: TRUTHSEEKER for 15% off!

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