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Heal [ing] | (verb) : a means of restoration to wholeness/wellness

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

There is a trending wave of individuals stepping into their path of conscious healing on the rise. What many people fail to realize or simply try to ignore (myself included at times) is that healing is not a linear path of sunshine and rainbows. On the surface, healing is just an illusion of what is actually taking place subconsciously.

Healing is a tapas, meaning that it is a process that requires self-discipline. It is an active state of restoration. To heal is to transition into well-being. As defined (one of many) in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, "heal: to make free from injury or disease". What is the disease being treated in terms of healing? In order to understand this better, we must shift from common logic of medical diagnosis and shift our focus to the basis of this term, dis-ease. Dis-ease comes in many forms, some undiagnosable. Dis-eases are the energetic imbalances within our body systems trying to make its presence(s) known to the mind and often go untreated due to the absence of mind/body awareness.

With all of the distractions that are present in our world today, many of us simply operate on auto-pilot absentmindedly until something major occurs to grab our attention. My earliest experience of this is when I was sixteen. At the time, I was taking high school classes along with an independent homeschooling program while working endlessly to not only cover the cost of my homeschooling program but to also provide documentation that I was able to sustain a living in a court process to be granted full custody of myself, also known as emancipation. My dis-ease initially presented itself with the symptoms of a common cold - runny nose and cough. Eager to meet the high demands at this point in my life, I thought nothing of it. Aside from the annoyance of constantly blowing my nose and having to cough, I felt fine.

I had an extra-curriculum class working hands-on with special education students in the middle school inconjunct with my high school. A couple of the students saw that I was unwell and actually put on their best behavior while trying to make sure I was okay. Even still, I tried to convince everyone that nothing was wrong. I most certainly had myself convinced. Either that or I was so focused on what I thought was more important than tending to my health. One day, I had become so weak, my head throbbed terribly and I could barely keep my eyes open. I had chills and it hurt to swallow. I was barely eating at this point. That day, I would have died at the young age of 16 had I not gone to ER.

I later learned that what started out as a mild sinus infection drained down into my stomach, bypassing my lungs causing pneumonia and infecting the lining of my gut. The combination of pneumonia and a stomac