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Aware·ness | (noun) : the realization of something that exists or is happening

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Initially this week I wanted to write about faith because, as scary as things are in our world today, we could all use a little faith. The national COVID-19 pandemic seems to be creating panic and terror all over the world after the National State of Emergency was released by U.S. President, Donald Trump, on Friday, March 13th resulting in school closures and other drastic measures being taken. An updated mandate has been released advising everyone to self-quarantine and to isolate themselves from social gatherings.

While I respect and abide by these decisions, I cannot help but wonder, "How does a virus that didn't exist six months ago suddenly cause so much chaos within our world and where exactly did it come from?" While there are a number of explanations and theories regarding the cause of this virus, there does not seem to be a reliable source of truth. Was this the goal all along perhaps to cause terror and force people to isolate themselves from one another???

I could be wrong, but personally, I feel as though the lives of people around the world are at the fate of a senseless power scheme and medicine alone will not save us. As a leader within a community of healers, creatives, and empowered individuals it is at this time that I do feel called more than ever to place my faith into a power that is not only greater than myself, but any other man or dis-ease on this planet. However, in order to have faith, I must have the awareness that there is something greater than modern medicine and politics to place my faith in.

With that being said, I am aware of:

  1. The body has the ability to heal itself, given the right environment.

  2. Environmental problems such as climate change due to global warming, deforestation, and agricultural pollution affect every single being on this planet.

  3. Within the current state of affairs, increased demands for household items place a greater demand on agriculture and the food-processing industry.

  4. The vast majority of food distributed through agriculture and the food processing industry are genetically modified and cause dis-ease within the body.

  5. Body chemicals such as stress hormones react to both the external environment and internal environment (ie the foods that enter into the digestive system) which affects other systems such as the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

  6. The medications prescribed to treat body system malfunction/failure places stress upon adverse areas within the body (ie the side effects).

  7. Mass media increases spikes in stress levels by delivering news that invokes reasons to panic and go into isolation (ie. avoid health and fitness clubs).

  8. Despite the increased numbers of reported cases of COVID-19 stress is still, by far, the leading cause of death within our world.

  9. There are no mandates in places to help reduce stress within the human body (our internal environment).

  10. Very little is being done to protect/improve our external environment (aside from self-quarantine, isolation, and avoiding social gatherings).

I am also aware that:

  1. While most human beings have very little control over the decisions that destroy our external environment, we have a choice to change our internal environment.

  2. Creating healthy habits such as reducing the number of toxins that we place into our bodies and increasing physical activity supports a reduction in body stress levels as well as an increase in overall immunity.

  3. Home gardening supports healthier food choices, reducing the intake of processed foods, and increases physical activity.

  4. Food is medicine (ie fruits, vegetables, and herbs).

  5. Using food as medicine is considered a homeopathic (working on the levels of the mind, body, and soul) approach to dis-ease.

  6. Homeopathic regimens improve the body's internal environment, reducing the body's susceptibility to dis-ease.

  7. Despite the limited number of resources available on homeopathic medicine, homeopathy enhances the body's ability to treat itself in comparison to the widespread modern medicine.

  8. According to proven scientific studies, our bodies are made up of tiny sub-particles that are influenced by energy.

  9. Stressful emotions such as fear and anxiety can be described as, simply, "energy" in motion.

  10. In addition to homeopathy and alternative healing, mindful practices can also improve the body's internal environment by drastically reducing stress levels.

While I am not a medical professional, I have witnessed first-hand the effects of developing a greater awareness of the body and its ability to heal itself within myself and others. I became aware of many of these things at a young age, which I accredit my still youthful appearance to. I do not share this information to imply that I have all of the answers or to prescribe anything to anyone. I share this as a means to simply raise awareness of not just the unfortunate external widespread of illness, but the wonderful potential of our internal capabilities as well.

I also share this because, in a recent conversation regarding COVID-19, I was chewed out and called "privileged" for trying to lighten the energy of a conversation by stating that there is a science to "mind over matter" after someone blatantly affirmed that because they are working 18-hrs/3+ days a week that they were "definitely going to end up catching it". There seems to be a lot of aggression and hostility as everyone wants to be right about the right course of action, but the truth is that (at this time) no one knows! There is no medical professional that can give us a direct course of action to stop the spread of this current pandemic. What is currently available to us are suggestions, guidelines, and mandates. Although helpful, these alone, do not stop the spread of COVID-19 so whether you agree with one another or not, the least we can do is respect one another.

There is a science to "mind over matter" and it starts with awareness. I hope that after reading this that instead of responding with personal judgment and/or hostility, that it is understood that by stating this, in no way am I saying that a dis-ease can be "wished" or "thought" away. Mind over matter requires us to take actions that are in alignment with our thoughts in order to manifest an outcome. A positive situation can always result in a negative outcome if there is negative input, however, a negative situation will never result in a positive outcome by adding more negativity. Be well and please remember to wash your hands.

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