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Peace | (noun) : a state of freedom

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Let's take a moment to reflect. How do you feel at this present moment? Now, shift your awareness towards the current global pandemic. Do you believe that world peace is attainable? If you answered yes then you are correct! World peace is attainable, especially now and is one of the very reasons why I hold communal space for the World Peace Meditation in accordance with the International Center for Reiki Training [ICRT]. Learn more about ICRT here.

The World Peace Project was initiated in 1997 when the founder of the ICRT, William Lee Rand, placed a World Peace Crystal Grid with the inscription, "May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace on Earth." at the magnetic North Pole in 1997, the magnetic South Pole in 1999, and the old city of Jerusalem in 2004. Additionally, there is a Crystal Grid at the ICRT Center in Maui, Hawaii as well as right here in Michigan at the original ICRT Center!

World Peace Meditations are one of my favorite routine practices because it allows me to ground and connect with myself while also making an energetic connection with kindred beings around the world who are all seeking to raise the vibration of our planet. Additionally, it enables me to hold a space where communities can come together to connect, learn, share, experience, heal, create, and be empowered. Empowered to establish our divine presence and to fulfill our divine purpose here on Earth. Quite often, during a World Peace Meditation + Reiki Share, I witness individuals experience a level of peace prior to beginning the "hands-on" Reiki healing portion of the gathering. This is a key observation in understanding that healing takes place prior to the laying of hands. It takes place when an individual is able to free him/herself.

What is freedom? Freedom is a state of liberation. In this example, it is a state of liberation from the confinements of the mind. We often create stories within our minds about who we are and how we fit into this world. Despite how painful these stories may be, at times we tell ourselves these stories over and over again because it is a familiar and comfortable practice that we have adopted, however, these stories do not have to be true. In fact, These stories are not true, but merely a past experience. Today, we have the opportunity to rewrite our story. A story of liberation. A story where peace resides.

Although Reiki has been a wonderful benefit to inviting individuals to join me for the World Peace Meditation, it has never been about the experience of Reiki alone. It is an opportunity to experience peace. Even in a perfect world, pain exists and despite whatever is going on in the world, we will