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Ta·pas | (noun) : self-discipline

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Like many others, one of my greatest challenges in life has been self-discipline. Through my understanding of Tapas, I've developed a new perspective on self-love/self-care and how it correlates with self-discipline. The jewel of tapas invites us to grow within our own power by allowing ourselves to remain present within the midst of the unknown. Doing so, of course, is much easier said than done. Admittedly, sometimes when I am feeling restless, it is easier for me to overwork myself as a form of distraction. Sometimes whenever I experience stress, I turn to greasy and/or sugary foods for comfort. At times, when I am feeling alone, it is easier for me to disregard my own needs to be in the presence of toxic company. Sometimes when I am feeling angry, it is easier for me to retaliate right away in an attempt to actually resolve something. It is from these types of reactions that I’ve learned only to suppress my emotions. As a result, I’ve created the unhealed dormant energy within myself that I am now learning to heal from.

"We do not simply go through transitions. We grow through them." - Truth

I like to think of healing as a form of tapas. In choosing to do inner work, I’ve had to let go of old habits, people, possessions, beliefs, and things that I’ve understood to be known facts. I’ve had to learn how to be someone other than who I was used to being and willing to continuously evolve along with the pursuit of connecting with my authentic self. In doing so, I’ve had to accept that I am not my body and that my body is a vehicle that carries my soul through this human experience. Just as I would care for a vehicle that is responsible for geographically transporting me from point a to point b, self-care is necessary for navigating through life.

Self-care requires self-discipline, but it also requires self-love. Self-discipline is in the act of watering the seeds of self-love through being mindful of the things that we allow into our bodies such as food for our guts as well as food for our minds. By loving ourselves we allow ourselves to experience tapas as a process of growing through being uncomfortable in order to reach our greatest potential.

When I reflect upon the jewel of tapas, I understand that there are no real benefits from grasping for instant consolation and that there are greater developments from allowing discomfort to help guide me towards my highest potential. It is through this understanding that I am motivated to seek out and choose discomfort rather than merely tolerate it. It’s not easy, however that is the beauty of tapas and is essential ki to self-love.

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