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As a private one-on-one offering, this is an 18-hr course that offers an advanced and comprehensive training program designed to empower Reiki practitioners to reach the (Shinpiden) Master level and further enhance their healing abilities. This course combines traditional Usui Reiki techniques with the transformative power of Holy Fire Reiki, creating a potent and spiritually enriching experience. Participants will deepen their connection with Reiki energy, gain a profound understanding of advanced healing techniques, and become proficient in teaching and initiating others into the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki lineage.


Prerequisite: Must be able to provide proof of Reiki Level II or Master Certification.


Duration: 18hrs | Private Certification for the Master Level can be completed over the duration of


  • three days, each lasting approximately six [6] hours


  • four days, each lasting approximately four and a half [4.5] hours


All materials are included and will be provided during the initial meeting for this course.


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Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Level